Top 5 Midi Controllers for Electronic Music Production

These days there are so many options for electronic music production. This is why we handpicked the top 5 controller options which suit various producer needs.

1. Ableton Push 2 $999 CAD/$700 USD

The Ableton Push is a very powerful midi controller for those who are producing electronic music with Ableton Live. Suitable for beginners to advanced producers.

The Ableton Push 2.


  • Allows you to completely control Ableton from outside of the computer.
  • It’s very easy to learn, Ableton’s website has a ton of tutorial resources.
  • Songwriting streamlining.
  • Sequencer ability.
  • Customizable chord functions.


  • Expensive
Official Ableton Push 2 Demo.

Buy the Ableton Push 2 here: Canada/USA

2. Akai – APC40 MKII $340 CAD/$254 USD

The best controller option for live Ableton performances, mixing and arranging. Suitable for DJ’s and performance styled music producers.

The Akai APC40 MKII.


  • Very powerful capabilities with Ableton’s session mode.
  • Also available for other popular DAWs.
  • Lots of controller templates available.
  • Fully customizable midi mapping, tons of FX knobs.
  • Awesome for live performances.
  • Easy to learn.


  • No built-in display.
The Akai APC40 MKII Demo.

Buy the Akai APC40 MKII here: Canada/USA

3. Novation Launchkey MK3 $294 CAD/ $179 USD

The best option if you are on a budget. A keyboard controller fit for Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, or FL Studios electronic music production. If you are looking for a keyboard and a controller, here is your match. Suitable for musician-type and DJ-type producers.

The Novation Launchkey MK3


  • Ableton Live integration.
  • Expansive songwriting capabilities.
  • Custom midi modes.
  • Standalone operation. Launchkey Works with an analog setup.
  • Includes tons of bonus software and a 2-month Splice subscription!
  • Midi keyboard and midi controller.


  • Steeper learning curve.

Learn more about the Novation Launchkey MK3 in the video below.

Novation Launchkey MK3 official introduction video.

Buy the Novation Launchkey MK3 Here: Canada/USA

4. Akai – MPK225 $284 CAD/$211 USD

A compact option for a keyboard controller for electronic music production. The best-integrated controller for space-efficient studios. Suitable for beginners to advanced producers with limited space.

The MPK225.


  • MPC workflow integration. The MPK225 comes armed with MPC essentials software.
  • Comes with virtual synthesizers: Hybrid 3, and SONiVOX twist.
  • Compact design.
  • Keyboard + controller midi function.


  • Few keys.
  • No faders.

Take a deeper look at music production with the MPK225 keyboard controller. See why this one made it into our top 5.

Buy the Akai MPK225 Here: Canada/USA

5. Novation Launchpad X $242 CAD/ $160 USD

A cool Ableton Live integrated performance capable electronic music production controller. Suitable for performance styled producers.

The Novation Launchpad X.


  • 64 lighted touch-sensitive pads.
  • Ableton integrated midi controls.
  • 4 Easy to use modes.
  • Custom modes.
  • Velocity-sensitive.
  • 2 month’s of Splice included.


  • No faders.
  • No midi output.
Launchpad size comparisons.

Buy the Novation Launchpad Here: Canada/USA

Novation Launchpad demo performance.
Here you have it, that’s our top 5 electronic music production controllers. I hope you found one that suits your producing side and gives your music good vibes! I’m sure with one of these controllers in your hands you are going to have tons of fun and become much more efficient with your music production workflow.


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