These are the Must-Have Apparel Items for 2021 for producers, brought to you by: Audio Production Apparel

Enhancing your music producer lifestyle for the new year. These are our top apparel picks because they are not just comfy and stylish, but also affordable.

Audio Production Apparel showcases some pretty cool products if you are looking for something comfy to wear in the studio. Do you identify yourself as an audiophile or music producer? Then, you need to check out these products. Here are our top 5 electronic music producer apparel picks available right now for 2021.

1. The “Lack of Bass” Hoodie – Top pick for 2021

This is one of the coolest designs around right now. Take your production to the dark side with this wicked hoodie to keep you cozy in the studio.

This design also comes as a wicked cool vinyl sticker.

2. The “Make Waves” Hoodie – Must Have #2

This slick design also comes as a t-shirt or a mug. The hoodie is available in five colour choices: orange, black, blue, red, or purple.

3. The “Everything Hertz” Tank Top – Get in shape in 2021, producer style.

Represent audio engineering with this tank top, on the beach or at the gym!

4. The “No Peaking” Hoodie and T-Shirt – This year keep your mixes clean and your outfit cleaner.

Let everybody know that you don’t clip the limiter with these outfits.

All of the products at Audio Production Apparel looks great, but these are our favourites. Their clothes are well priced and look super comfy and stylish. So here you have it! That’s our top 4 favourite electronic music producer apparel picks for 2021.

Thanks for making it this far! Looking into getting started with electronic music production? Check out our top 10 essentials article here.