Looking to Get Started With Music Production? 

Here’s The Ultimate Music Producers 

Buying Guide for 2022.

 Curated for bedroom producers or small-medium commercial studios.

Our Top 5 Music Producer Tech, Tools, and Tips of 2022

1. Computers for Music Production

Apple Users

PC Users

Mac Pro Desktop Apple Computer


Hands down the best way to go if you’re an Apple person.


Supersize your bass production with Mac Pro.


Maximize your multitasking productivity through boosted processor speeds up to 4GHz!


Buy Refurbished! Believe me it’s more than worth it.


My 2015 Macbook Pro is refurbished, and since they’re no longer in production I seriously lucked out.

Acer Aspire Desktop PC


If you’re a PC person.

1. Music production for PC made easy.

Benefit: Save Money. 

Custom PC Build

Build A Professional Music Production Computer Online


If your a true engineer…


Music production for PC experts.

Caveat: You’ve gotta spend.


Build your own powerful computer customized to your music producer needs.

2. Speakers for Music Production

Coming Soon

These are the best bang for your buck deals right now.

Stay Tuned for the HOTTEST deals and trending electronic music gear.